Play the Dotharian Athem illustrating al they have overcome the past few years.
- All credit goes to Miranda Olivier to lent us her beautiful voice!

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Dearest friends,

On behalf of the descendants of House Beotram you are cordially invited to our grand feast. We wish to celebrate victories reached in Mythodea, the completion of our new Dotharian city Barr Shioban, the bindings of two new Garda and the crowning of Livia Vivir.

A new sun rises upon Mythodea. The primordial skeptics are defeated, a great victory has been won. A victory we, the Dotharian people would like to celebrate with the Mitrosperans. We no longer fight in their way, it has also become ours. The West gave us land and resources to rebuild our lives and, in return, we gave them our loyalty to stand by them. We kept our oath as they kept their promises and now, finally, we can celebrate the completion of Barr Shiobhan, named after the Nyame of the West and now know for the Ever Burning Beacon. A Beacon to guide those who are lost to a safe haven, just like our ancestors guide us. We follow in our ancestors footsteps, finding a new land and new friends. We started a new life and just as Avalokar guided our people then, so will the Garda of His Essence. Livia Vivir has been chosen by Cree Cailtram, born of Stone and first of his name, to become his sister in name and be crowned Damhna Croi of the Dotharian people.

In her honour, and that of our new home, the Cree has organised a feast that will be accompanied by games and of course an award ceremony. Alongside this we will elevate two young Garda, so they may fully be embraced by the ancestors’ power. You are welcome to attend the crowning ceremony, engage us in political discussion and share in our culture. Just as we have been blessed to share in yours. May the ancestors guide you to a better tomorrow.

In the name of the Cree Cailtram, Damhna Croi,
Ran Alka Livia Vivir
Ran Alka Livian Vivir
We look forward to welcoming you to our home